What am I doing here?

Sometimes, I wish I had a better answer to this question. I’m not pursuing sports broadcasting on a whim. I’m not pursuing sports broadcasting because I know someone who knows someone in the business. I’m not even pursuing it because my gut tells me to. No, I have to give the corny answer that I’m doing this because I love sports. Bet you haven’t heard that anywhere before, huh? I hate to give such a generic answer, but then again “what are you doing here?” is one of the most generic questions any person can ask of us, and they ask it to someone every single day. To me, loving sports holds so much more meaning than just a standard reply. For as long as I can remember, I have had the truest obsession and love affair with just about every sport you can conceive of. As a young child, while other kids were playing N-64 games or skateboarding around town (as riveting as those things still are), I looked forward to nothing more than watching football with my Dad. It was these moments, watching the late ’90s-early 2000’s Patriots (which was an adventure and a half) that I believe shaped the man I am today. And the best part? I know there are thousands more of you out there who had similar experiences to me. Sports just magically drew us in while we were young and will probably never leave us.

For me, my love of sports escalated to a higher level. While watching games on television with my father, I realized that I didn’t just want to continue to watch games with him as I got older. Instead, I wanted to be the guy calling the game my Dad was watching, bringing the sport to him and the rest of my family in the coolest way possible. Currently, I am 20 years old, and throughout my young adult life, I have been doing everything within my power to put myself in line for my dream job. I have broadcasted high-school football in my hometown of Danvers, Massachusetts and now currently hold the position of lead play-by-play man for all sports at Westfield State University. These jobs make it the highlight of my day to go to work, and at the end of the day, what’s better than that? They have also reinforced my prior belief that broadcasting is an art, every word you say means something to the person who is hearing it and your personal voice will always shine through. It is my hope that through this blog, I can share some of the many fortunate experiences I have already had in this field while also detailing my future passions within it. It’s very important to me that this is a public space, as I know there are tons of you out there who also want to pursue this career. As you read this blog, I can only hope that something I write will inspire something in you or allow you to make connections to your own personal lives. Above all, I hope to show how exciting sports broadcasting can truly be in my own unique way as well as chronicle my adventure in pursuing my dream. I am incredibly grateful to have you along for the ride.

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