More Ways to Crash the Party

So, how do you go about getting into sports broadcasting if you just want to get your foot in the door? As fantasy-like as it would be, we can’t just walk into a professional booth, throw a headset on and go. If you’re really passionate about doing this to make your living, you need to be willing to start from the bottom (I hear you Drizzy) and work you way up the proverbial ladder. High school sports are a tremendous outlet from which to get your start. Personally, I wish I had taken the initiative to do high school sports in my hometown. The games are always entertaining, the vast majority of the kids playing them are doing so just because they love the game (i.e. college basketball) and most importantly: there’s virtually no pressure. Often times, high school sports only air on public access television or get streamed over the Internet. Don’t get me wrong, these are still fine outlets with which to get yourself out there, but in reality not many members of the general public are tuning in to these games. As a broadcaster, this provides us with (in a sense) greater freedoms on the mic. We can just un-filter ourselves (minus profanity of course), not worry about who’s listening to us and just call the game in our own natural tones, as if we’re just conversing with a friend. The best part about all of this is that more broadcasting opportunities are popping up now than ever before in high schools across America. Many high school athletic departments have provided their teams with state of the art technological equipment with which to film their games. This should come as great news to all young, aspiring broadcasters, as it shows that the lower levels of athletic competition care about making their sports technologically relevant. Odds are, if a school is willing to spend a significant amount of cash on camera/game film equipment, they will also be willing to buy the equipment necessary to broadcast their games. This would represent the next step in the technological progression of high school sports. So, if you’re in high school right now or want to make your first-in roads into this field, then what are you waiting for?

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