Andy Masur Interview

Great example of a person who has completed a journey to the job of his dreams.

Play by play broadcasting

After a hiatus I am proud to say we are back with another great interview, this time with Andy Masur of the San Diego Padres. You can follow him on twitter: @PadsCast or on his own blog Masur’s Musings here:


How long have you been in broadcasting?

I have been in professional broadcasting since 1990, doing various things in the industry.  Started out as a top 40 DJ, in Peoria, IL.  I worked the overnight shift from 12midnight-5:30am.  Moved up to night jock, then got out of top 40.  Went home to Chicago and did traffic reports for several different stations in the market.  From there I went on to work for the then One On One sports network, doing updates and hosting a weekend show.  I then became aware of a job opening at WGN radio and I was fortunate to…

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  1. mhirn3 · December 24, 2014

    Mike would you like to be interviewed? Please let me know if so


    • mdrew3380 · December 26, 2014

      Hey Michael,
      Thanks for the interest. I love reading your blog. While I don’t have nearly the level of experience as the rest of your interviewees, I would still welcome the chance to be interviewed. Feel free to contact me anytime to set something up.



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