And Suddenly It All Made Sense

No matter the career you choose to pursue, you’ll very likely reach a point where you’re looking for a sign(s) to tell you that you’ve “made it.” Why? All humans want to be liked in some way or another and know that they’re headed in the right direction. It’s simply who we are.

I took over the lead play-by-play job at Westfield State less than a year ago. Last February, I had the chance to broadcast a basketball game with Joe Meehan (the man who preceded me) for the final time. For me, it was incredibly gratifying to get the opportunity to express to Joe on the air how grateful I was to him for all the help he had given me over the previous two years. So what?

Well, as the game drew to a close, I got out my thank-you message to Joe and managed to get through it without stumbling. “Phew”, I thought. The game ended and we began to pack up all of our broadcast equipment. As we were planning to leave the arena, Joe told me something I will never forget.

First, he told me how much he appreciated my kindness. But then, he said, “You’re the right guy for this job. Just make sure you enjoy it.” ‘Wow”, I thought. That was the moment. The moment when I started to realize what this job really meant to me. My heart started beating at a faster pace and I could feel goosebumps forming on my spine.

Without getting overly sappy (if that’s possible now), this memory is the first thing I think of whenever anyone asks me why I want to be a broadcaster. In the end, the games you do, while certainly worthy of credentials, are not the be-all end-all. Broadcasting has opened many doors for me to connect to people in ways I would have never thought possible. For me, this story serves as a poignant reminder that my job doesn’t just entail covering games; it allows me to become a better person. How cool is that?




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