‘Tis the Season for Sports on TV

[Guest Contributor: This post comes courtesy of Dayvon Williams, author of the “Fourth and Long, Is Football All Done?” blog.]

In sports broadcasting there are a few times of the year when the media coverage just doesn’t stop. This time of the year is one of those times. Yes, I know there’s always some type of media coverage on some sports every day during the year. If there wasn’t, ESPN employees would be out of a job. But this time of the year gets nuts. You have college football, which can be a show in and of itself with the many games being played throughout the week. This is the time where every game really counts. Then you have the NBA, which just opened its season. Some people say that the beginning of an NBA season doesn’t really matter, but that is false because every game matters.

Next is College Basketball, who some say is more electrifying than the NBA. College basketball brings that attitude in the sports medium. NBA players making big plays is kind of expected because they’re professionals now. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still great plays, but just a little sting is taken off because it’s what they do. Now if you saw a crazy amazing play in college basketball, it’s a different story. For one it’s an amazing play, secondly you have the hyped crowd of students in the background intensifying it a little more, then you have to put in the fact that he’s a college student. If you see Aaron Harrison make the same play as LeBron James, you’re probably going to hype Harrison’s play more, because of the fact he’s making plays LeBron James is making.

Next you have the NHL, which is about 24 games into its season. And like the NBA, they’re still kind of in the starting point mode. Lastly, you have the NFL, which is coming down the stretch of its season going into week 13. This time of the season, like college football, is one of the most important. If you’re in a tight division like the AFC North where the Pittsburgh Steelers are only separated by half a game to the Cincinnati Bengals, losing a game could mean losing a home field advantage in the playoffs.

Covering these sports in the broadcasting world is crazy. These are the sports everyone wants to know about now. People want to know how their favorite team, player or school is doing. The host Jemele Hill for Numbers Never Lie (now named His & Hers),  always brings up how her Michigan State Spartans are doing, whether it’s good or bad. Every week during this time of year, the stakes get higher, the plays become more outrageous (the other-worldly  catch Odell Beckham Jr. made last night), and the window for other teams closes a little more.

Odds are, some form of sports television will end up on your screen at this time of year. It’s a great opportunity to recognize and appreciate the massive operations that work tirelessly to bring you the games you want to see and people will be talking about. ‘Tis the season.


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