From the roots up

Danvers, Massachusetts is a suburban town just north of Boston in the heart of Essex County. It houses about 27,000 people and boasts one of the top-rated school systems in the state. Full of small-town charm and big-city proximity, Danvers is my hometown.

Growing up in this North Shore town definitely had its perks, but one of them was not always having winning sports teams in high school. Our football team (the Danvers Falcons) was a proverbial laughingstock. The team once featured legendary New York Giants Tight End Mark Bavaro, but that’s about it.They won only one game between my junior (2011) and senior (2012) years. No one wanted to go watch the team play, even on Thanksgiving, when we would suffer our annual clobbering from arch-rival Gloucester.

Our basketball team wasn’t much better. I played on the freshman team and enjoyed my time even though I didn’t play much. But, we weren’t winning. The JV and Varsity teams weren’t either. In fact, they were doing even worse. Despite this, I could notice an incredible level of talent amongst the friends I was playing with. I often wondered if that talent could ever come to the surface.

Finally, in 2012, things began to turn around for Danvers High Athletics. In the spring of my senior year, the varsity basketball team, with the help of many of my aforementioned friends, captured the first state title in Danvers history. The scene was raucous and sent the town into a frenzy it had never experienced before.



Watching the joy this accomplishment brought to my hometown served as a poignant reminder of how truly awe-inspiring sports can be. As prospective broadcasters, we dream of being on the mic for moments like this. We dream of being blessed with the opportunity to capture such a significant moment that will be etched in history for eternity. We dream of being from a hometown like Danvers.


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