She’s got it



Sports broadcasting is often considered a man’s game, what with the primary sports being covered in this country being played by…well, males. But, more women have worked their way into the industry within the last few decades at a slow, gradual rate. Now, there are more females residing in the sports media than ever before. So, what are they saying? Read More


Jock Jargon



Have you ever wondered what goes into the unique vocabulary that sports broadcasters use? Depending on the sport that is being covered, several oddball terms will be thrown out during the course of a broadcast that takes multiple hours. It takes distinct knowledge of the sport at hand to fully appreciate and understand the value of these terms. Yet, as prospective broadcasters, we can also recognize the special value these terms have to our profession.

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Controversy is Power



Throughout his illustrious playing career, Charles Barkley accomplished almost everything imaginable in the NBA. As the bearer of 11 All-Star selections, the 1993 Most Valuable Player award and a spot on Team USA’s Dream Team in the ’92 Olympics, Barkley knows a thing or two about making an impact wherever he goes. After his playing days were through, Charles joined TNT as a studio analyst on their marquee program, Inside the NBA. Fourteen years later, he has developed into the most polarizing figure in sports broadcasting. Read More